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21 May, 1941

Kyiv, Ukraine

Married, two daughters, five grandsons

Sites: VicitA, Kaufmanict.




Internet applications (analysis, testing, systems integration, blockchain, reporting, web services, sites). Distance education. Super vitality systems. E-commerce.


Analyst, tester, consultant, system architect, programmer.



D.Sc.: Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Specialization on Computer Science. (Highest degree available in Russia). The qualification was confirmed in Finland. 


Ph.D: Philosophy Doctor of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Specialization on Computer Science. 

Primary Competitive Advantages

1 Solid experience in project management combined with high programming qualifications

       working in programming 50+ years, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, former full professor of Lomonosov Moscow State University

       repeatedly had to salvage projects, including international

2. Ability to productive business activity in the field of the latest technologies

       most recently conceived and implemented several non-trivial programming services, and also mastered blockchain-technology

3. Explicitly formulated base of constructive behavior in the rapidly changing world

       Employment niche for active veterans, Habitological analysis, Natural properties (axioms) of the Web, Social Axioms, Registration revolution, Commandments of programmer,  etc.


Programming Environments and technologies - Truffle, Power BI, NetBeans, Eclipse,Autoit, Selenium-Selenide, MS Windows 10, MS .NET (.Net Framework SDK, VISUAL STUDIO 2013-2015)

Internet software - MS Windows 2003 Server, MS SQL Server 2008, Internet Information Server 7.0, ASP.NET 4, ASP, Apache, WordPress, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc. (web-services, servers, browsers, mailers, Web authoring tools)

Languages Solidity, JavaScript, C#, XML/XSL/XSLT, SQL, HTML, CSS, PHP, Autoit, TCL, Ruby,Object Pascal, Java, Visual Basic, etc.

Application software - Microsoft Office, etc.


Programming languages: concepts and principles

Moscow :Radio i svyas, 1993, 432 pp. (in Russian). 

Republished in Classics of programming series

Moscow :DMK-Press, 2010, 464 pp.

Fundamental concepts and principles of recent and future programming languages are discussed. Different styles of programming are presented (operational, situational, functional, relational, parallel, object-oriented, etc.). Five views on a programming language problems and solutions are discussed (by user, by language creator, by mathematician, by linguist, by compiler creator). Samples of solutions from Pascal, Simula-67, Smalltalk, Refal, Ada, Modula-2, Oberon, Okkam-2, C++, etc. are discussed.

You could look also at Samples_of_references, Preface to the First Edition, Preface to the Second Edition, and Excerpt (translated into English by Ilja Tauber).

Programming language standardization 

Kiev: Technika, 1989, 189 p. (in Russian, three co-authors). 

Problems, principles and state of art in national and international standardization of programming languages are considered. 

Basic Fortran (tutorial)

oscow: Moscow State University publishing house, 1982, 200 pp. (in Russian, six co-authors). 

Programmed tutorial for programmed education system Nastavnik by Computer Science Department of the Moscow State University.



KaufmanICT, Helsinki, CEO


Fatman Ltd., Helsinki, 
Chief Software Specialist


Computer Science Department of the Moscow State University, Moscow, 

Scientific Research Computer Center of the Moscow State University, Moscow
Full Professor (Researcher,.Senior Researcher, Associate Professor)



Ada 9X Distinguished Reviewer, member of ACM, SIGPLAN, SIGADA 


Chairman of the Ada Working Group in the Russian National Body of the International Standard Organization (ISO-IEC/JTC1/SC-22 - Programming Languages) 


Organized and edited translations into Russian of 6 English books in software engineering


Scientific supervisor of 11 Ph.D on Computer Sciences. Former graduate students work very successfully, including in Moscow State University, Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), Luxoft, Ericsson, Microsoft, etc.


Teacher of mathematics of Moscow State University College No.18 for Physics 
and Mathematics (Kolmogorov's School for extremely talented children


Selected bibliography consists of 65 referred papers.


KaufmanICT, 2015-present time

Light Instrument for internet Surfing (LIS)

Follow effective modern style of work with the information with our LIS - quite simply, absolutely nothing extra. Download it now - completely free!

KaufmanICT, 2013- present time


Video citation editor and player.

KaufmanICT, 2014-2017

Immortal service project.

Immortal service prototype.

KaufmanICT, 2009-2013

Long-Term contract with Fatman.

Continuation of Fatman projects: ecenter, merimieselakekassa, netmaster, etc..

Fatman - Facility Technical Management, 1999 - 2009

X_Change, ecenter, merimieselakekassa, Infrapass, Infonetmaster, Tyonhallinta, Infomaster, helpdesk, INFOAGENT, etc.

International and local Internet projects (a universal monitoring system of access control, legacy transformations of Intranet applications, internet applications used for remote building management, etc.)


Ada quality & style checker gch (Debian package 19990519-8)

An Open Source ASIS application that enforces various quality and style rules, including those from the Ada Quality and Style Guide.

Lahti Research and Training Center of Helsinki University (Helsinki), September 1995-1997

Lectures and demos showing Internet technologies of education, web authoring, multimedia communication. 
Internet guide for beginners (in Russian)

The guide was oriented to beginners outside Russia, especially real or potential businessmen interested in Russia.

ABO AKADEMI, 1993 - 1994

"Context-sensitive data refinement and provable optimized compilation". Technical report A94-155, Series A of the Computer Science Department of the Abo Akademi.

Natural specification and verification of optimized compilation based on the Refinement Calculus.

A prototype of the Refinement Editor (RE) under UNIX for SunOS 4.1.x.

RE supported a stepwise refinement approach to program construction based on preservation of the refinement relation between original and transformed statements. The approach is applicable to concurrent, reactive and distributed programs.


"Pattern Calculus". Technical report 15, Computer Science Department of the Tampere University of Technology.

A simplification of general specification tools by using so called "multi-valued terms" and powerful patterns.

"Incremental Formal Modeling of Protected Records in Ada 9X" (joint work with Prof. Reino Kurki-Suonio)

The model provides a basis for rigorous inspection of Ada 9X tasking issues, needed in language design, implementation, and teaching.



Computer Science Department of the Lomonosov Moscow State University

Scientific Research Computer Center of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, 1960-1991

Algol 60 compiler for the first small Russian ternary computer Setun. A multi-language modular programming system SIMPR, Algol 60 and Fortran 66 compilers, time-sharing operation system BISON for the Russian computer BESM-6 (manager of final stages of these successful projects). Local network for BESM-6, educational software for small Russian ternary computer Setun-70. Fortran 77, Pascal and Ada-83 test suites for compiler validation (scientific supervisor of these projects)

V-approach for specification, validation and testing of compilers, programming languages and language-like interfaces (scientific supervisor and co-author). V-approach was regularly used in development of instrumental software for testing the space shuttle "Buran" (the unique fly of the shuttle was completely successful). .

At that time the Scientific Research Computer Center of the Lomonosov Moscow State University was one of the most important Research Centers in Computing Science and Computer Programming in the USSR.




Postgraduate Student at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty.


Student at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty
Master Degree in computer science awarded December 1964. (diploma with honor)


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