Social rules

29 December 15 © Vitali Kaufman



Today, the situation where a normal person is forced to turn to an expert on law, to a lawyer, is very similar to the old days when the normal illiterate was forced to turn to literate, to a clerk. In this sense, we are dependent on experts in laws, as in the old days a illiterate was dependent on the literate..

It would be nice to reduce this dependence dramatically.  For example, to make possible for an ordinary person, in most cases, defend their interests in court independently.

For this purpose, our social rules should be simplified significantly. For example, they have to satisfy the following conditions:

  1. A set of rules must be such that a normal person would be able to know the rules almost entirely (*)
  2. The law should be brief
  3. A set of rules should be concise

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The rules that guide people in relationships with each other, leave much to be desired. This applies to both formal rules (laws) and informal (moral). For brevity and generality we will use a term  "social rules".

The social rules thus significantly depend on the place, time, features of human societies, etc. It is also clear that some of the rules contribute to peace and prosperity, others provoke strife and hostility, even the destructive wars.

It is also clear that human society is so complex system that can be asserted with confidence - nobody would be able to implement or even suggest such social rules, which could not be subjected to well-founded criticism. This is one of the most important consequences of the complexity of the society..

On the other hand, there are measurable characteristics of society which can be compared in societies that live by different rules.

And, of course, people consciously or unconsciously try to compare societies, often not even trying to deeply understand, why results are so very different. As is known, proposed and tested a lot of recipes of organization of heaven on earth in one way or another - at least communism, fascism or the latter-day "universal kingdom of justice.".

It would be interesting to formulate some basic provisions, that could be confidently used upon the discussion of the social rules, both existing and proposing. This system should be based only on

In other words, the system itself should be based not on a priori notions of what is good, what is bad, provoking endless, and, as a rule, by the very nature of its fruitless discussions, but on the verifiable  basis of  universal character.

I called this system Social axioms. I hope that the formulation of the problem of creating such axioms and furthermore proposed axioms themselves could be subject of constructive discussion.

On the other hand, if such axioms would work, they can become the basis for productive discussions concerning "ideal" social rules (ideal, at least in terms of clearly formulated order of priorities).

Obviously, such discussions could not be easy, short or elitist in any sense. And certainly could not be easy, concise or elitist a way to implement of the updated rules of social life (even in a local in a sense society, not to mention globally).

My personal ideal of the way from the basic social axioms to the proper social rules, and then to the incorporation of updated rules into our life - long enough, it is desirable evolutionary path of updating of the current rules without serious social upheaval, specially without catastrophic shocks. As is well known, "break - not to build.". Breaking easy, but gradually and sensibly to build a working model of an ideal in described above sense society - a more than worthy of the task.

For me as the Habitology author, a balanced, calm, evolutionary approach to optimize the social rules is completely natural. Carefully ellaborated but still preliminary samples of possible rules - below.

The main purpose of publishing them here - just show examples of my personal vision of the future rules since "explanation is not perfect without a good example ..." (from my Commandments programmer).

Laws should be separated from the instructions. The first – for general application, entailing a very severe punishment. The second - very specific. The first should be concise and completely clear. The latter may require special knowledge. Moral norms are the general guideline and does not involve any direct severe (e.g, criminal) liability.

Here we are talking exclusively about the laws and moral norms, not their instructions (e.g, sanitary standards). Rather the key social rules are considered, close to the level of the constitution.

The following proposed law may well be very soon recuperate life seriously - in particular, by the Registration revolution - because we live in a hyper-dynamic society :)

Social rules

 General recommendations

Clarity and brevity

A key goal - effective feedback between the creator and the consumer of the social rules

  1. A set of rules must be such that a normal person would be able to know the rules almost entirely (*)
  2. The law should be brief
  3. A set of rules should be concise

Objectives of the rules

  1. stimulate the birth and education of children (*)
  2. stimulate to teach to create
  3. stimulate teachers to teach effective creation (*)
  4. stimulate of the creator by reputation, by rights, by income
  5. provide feedback from the professional to the consumer



    1. Every law – law direct action
      • it can be directly invoked in court
    2. The law should undergo examination that independent from authors of the law
      • for compliance with the order of priorities
      • for compliance with the axioms
      • on immunity to blast
      • sufficiently clear feedback in terms of potentially harmful side effects
        • the reflected inside it or through other laws
    3. Results of voting in elected bodies should become open (with an indication of the agenda and the personal identification of deputies) to provide feedback to the voters
      • information about voting the person applying for re-election should be open before the start of the election campaign
      • more precise conditions for open publication are determined by a separate law
        • for example - all the results should be open (available on the website of the elected body) not later than one year from the date of the vote
    4. A conflict of interest  is not allowed in the performance of social roles
      • The fact of the conflict of interests shall identify and make known to the public the object of the conflict. If there is a conflict of interest will automatically become null and void the decision taken by the object
    5. Taxes from parents reduced after the birth of each child
      • additional incentive to give birth
      • additional help for families with children
    6. Childless pay a special tax on childlessness (*)
      • it should be specified at what age (say 25 years)
      • additional incentive to give birth
      • additional opportunity to help children and families with children
    7. Taxes calculated automatically
      • declarations on income sources (*) and databases that track taxed transaction.
    8. Basic social benefits receive all citizens (*), regardless of any additional conditions
      • compromise with creator with a clear purpose : to minimize social tensions, without compromising the interest to work
        • level of payments can be significantly lower than usual for the "welfare state"
          • for emergencies: items Food and spending the night
      • "good" law
        • it is clear, minimum of bureaucracy and no basis for corruption
        • takes into account the future (for example, employment revolution)
    9. The damage should be compensated .
      • by the criminal, and if it is impossible (the perpetrator is not found, etc.), by state
      • additional (material) incentive for the society  to prevent crime and to find criminals
    10. The damage caused to the client in a process of  the usual use of product-services without violating the usual application rules, must be compensated by the manufacturer (supplier)
      • law concerns, in particular, of producers (suppliers) of software products and software services
        • voluntary guarantee of compensation could be a competitive (reputational) advantage
      • whether the use is familiar, and whether it is consistent with the accepted rules, decides to court .
      • "good" law
        • prevents to theft of super-values - customer attention and time
        • clear
        • it provides effective feedback to the user
    11. The violence is permissible only  in exceptional cases and only under the legal responsibility
      • parents, carers, guardians - in relation to children and ward
      • to an adult - only the state using of authorized employees - by law or statute
    12. Political Activities  (*) is under the supervision of the testing institute (*)
    13. Crimes of the special list (* lead the offender out of the law (*)
      • " Good " law
        • Takes into account priorities: safety - a top priority
        • based on facts-axioms:
          • planning horizon - for us and for the offender (*)
            • the monsters hardly have wished to schedule this case for themselves (*)
          • no re-upbringing (*)
          • want peace - prepare for war (*)
          • interests – both ours and criminal’s (*)
          • people are different (*)
          • minimum of the state (*)


Charter policies

§  Deliberate lies is unacceptable

§  Hiding the facts in response to the direct question is inadmissible

§  Failure to answer the question is admissible

§  Obviously impracticable promise is a lie

§  Refuse to answer a question relating to the implementation of the promises, is not allowed

§  The claim for public office should be supported by an experience of political activity, in particular, experience in low-level positions

§  The politician is obliged to provide private information any nature for the institute of testing

Note.  Political technology is also political activity. Thus, the spin doctor is obliged by the charter policies, and its activities are supervised by the institute of testing

Charter testing institute (Institute of reputation)

      • Participation of the testing institute staff in politics is considered as a conflict of interest
      • Deliberate lies by testing institute employee that proved in court is an usualogy crime
      • The test results are automatically become public

Short laws (*)

This refers to the brevity of the formulation of the law, without regard to the length of the explanation, comment, etc It should be understood that the wording of the laws in practice can be brief only under additional conditions. For example,

Possible laws - only as a starting point for discussions on incentives to give birth, good teaching, to contribute to the public welfare, etc. Perhaps life will tell something significantly better, especially considering the super-dynamic (reputation economy, gift economy, etc.)

Parental tax

The tax is levied on income of children in favor of parents (say, 5% in favor of each of the parents)

Teachers tax

The tax is levied on income students for teachers (its size may depend on the educational situation of, say, 0.05% in favor of each of the school teachers, 3% in favor of the supervisor of graduate students) - tax can be expressed and in shares of firms belonging to students

Comment. Modern information technology makes natural "learning how SERVIS", including

      • cloud technologies - the basis for distance learning and remote arbitrarily arbitrarily poorly equipped technically pupils
      • Modern tablets instead of boards and notebooks
      • distance learning materials and learning tools (webinars and video courses) instead of libraries and classrooms
      • recognized Internet community teacher (school network) instead of the traditional school or university
      • networking certification centers for confirmation of qualification
      • networking centers for teachers' activity accounting
      • the listed
        • great for the student and teacher "from God"
        • dooms for scrapping of traditional education system with a huge mass of weak teachers

The tax on childlessness

People significantly depend on the demographic situation in the society. If they do not want or can’t raise children, it is reasonable and natural to tax these people to support those who are raising children.

Sources of income declaration

The electronic form containing information about the databases and access attributes to obtain data on transactions, that provide an income taxable person (natural or legal)

Modern information technologies make natural rejection of the  declarations of actual income, using instead of them of the declaration of sources of income

Individualism, human rights and the role of the Court

With all the complexities of the real world, especially considering the super-dynamics of our world, should deal independent court, not necessarily the legislator.

This is quite realistic, if our legislation would be supplemented by case-law that would help to avoid complicated laws.

Out of law

A special list of crimes

      • terrorism
      • invasion (intentionally!) into a private area
      • usualogy crime - attempt by an action to destroy of socially accepted way of life
      • unprovoked aggression or attack

Basic income

It is quite old, but have not yet found a serious support for the idea. However, recently in Finland (and some other countries) it is discussed a seriously move in this direction - the project "basic income".

As often happens with good ideas, the project was immediately spoiled by a plan to appoint spouses "basic income" substantially less than that would be alone.

At the same time the fighters for "justice", as usual, do not see the obvious consequences of their "good intentions" - instead of family support, procreation and respect for the law they in reality creating worse conditions for the good families than for the lonely and creating for  schemers an additional incentive not to start a family, to fictitiously divorce, not register a marriage, etc.

It is worth discussing, for example, whether a basic income should be paid to all citizens, or, say, an adult only. It is important to understand that the payment of a basic income to all obviously would stimulate the birth rate - this requirement to the social rules, is literally related to the survival of civilization

On the right and responsibility

This wording is far from ideal. It is important not so much to say about the creator, how much  to emphasize the need for a balance between the right and responsibility.

For example, as follows: "The right, especially the right to control should be balanced by liability" or even shorter "a right should be in proportion to responsibility".

      • It is unacceptable to own and not responsible for the use - right must be proportionate liability
        • you have a right of control – you should  be responsible ( child, job, house)
      • Of course, we have in mind not only the operational management, but possibility of meaningful impact on management enshrined by the social rules