Registration revolution

29 February 2016 © Vitali Kaufman

Symbol of Registration Revolution

Site could be considered as a symbol of the Internet. Combining an unique Internet address (URL, IP) with texts, pictures, services and entertainment.

I propose to consider the purse (e.g, Ethereum Wallet) as a symbol of a rapidly renewing Network.

With a unique network address, but also and money, relations, contracts, property, reputation ...

Purse with reputation - an artistic image of the owner of a new world - the world of era of registration revolution.

Pessimists would be upset, optimists would be inspired, but they all would be impressed by the artistic image, I hope. J

See also Social axioms, Social rules, Cult of understanding, FAQ.


Initially, the text was devoted blockchain. However, I soon realized that the most important element of novelty in blockchain is a publicly accessible history of transactions that nearly impossible to forge - in other words, registration of transactions that nearly impossible to forge.

In reality it is a beginning of the fourth revolution of the cost - after transport, industrial and information revolutions.

This fourth revolution of the cost, I propose to call the registration revolution. This name more accurately reflects the essence of the matter than, for example, the "revolution of trust" - it revolutionized of the institution and the cost of socially significant registration, rather than, say, the institution or the cost of socially significant confidence.

Axioms of registration revolution

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Effect of registration revolution

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