Immortality in the Net (IS)

Vitali Kaufman

a brief presentation of the project idea (14.3.06-15.2.13-2.12.15-29.4.19)

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The idea of a dream: Create a network service that provides the following basic features (ordered by priority):

  1. Everyone who wants to - put on eternal storage in the network those materials (texts, images, video) that he himself deems worthy of this .
  2. Complete absence of censorship when placing materials, as well as a guarantee of their safety not only in conventional but also in case of force majeure, as well as the ability to understand their descendants, including distant.
  3. The impossibility of the use of IS to coordinate terrorist attacks - primarily due to the built-in mechanism for deferred publication
  4. Everyone who wants to - the ability to find the stored material after a certain time (delayed publication), not knowing in advance either of these materials themselves, nor of any special service or institute to store them.
  5. The stability of basic rules on access as an opportunity to save materials and to themselves saved materials.
  6. The maximum possible independence of the service from any government, corporate, national or other organizations whose goals may conflict to the service requirements.
  7. The inability of these structures hinder the free placement of materials in storage, as well as prosecuted for the mere fact of such placement.
  8. Respect for the rule of law in the provision of the described features (at least under the law of civilized) - at least to those outside as long as it does not contradict the constitutional norms.
  9. Financial stability created by the service.
  10. Multilingual interface - the opportunity to work with the service, not only in English but also in Russian and other common languages. The language of the content is not restricted - it is not associated directly with the interface language.


Differences from known ideas and implementations (very briefly and tentatively).

24.6.13 Differences from type Eternus Fujitsu solutions - at least, the lack of need for recovery at a time of huge amounts of data.

Data (may be giant volumes, in principle) are stored in a decentralized and distributed manner. Update and restore require relatively small amounts of data without strict time constraints, allowing relatively cheap solutions.

Examples of potential benefits to the IS

If it was before

The basic idea of ​​the implementation: a step by step enrichment of the existing and rather widespread peer to peer networks and associated network community.

This idea is presented for the first time in invited report to the conference of students, graduate students and young scientists «Microsoft technologies in the theory and practice of programming" March 14, 2006, St. Petersburg, Technical Cybernetics faculty of St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University.

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