Why KaufmanICT?


Primary Competitive Advantages

1 Solid experience in project management combined with high programming qualifications

       working in programming 50+ years, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, former full professor of Lomonosov Moscow State University

       repeatedly had to salvage projects, including international

2. Ability to productive business activity in the field of the latest technologies

       most recently conceived and implemented several non-trivial programming services, and also mastered blockchain-technology

3. Explicitly formulated base of constructive behavior in the rapidly changing world

      Employment niche for capable veterans, Habitological analysis, Natural properties (axioms) of the Web, Social Axioms, Registration revolution, Commandments of programmer,  etc.

So, why KaufmanICT?

What I'd want:

Directions of collaboration where my knowledge and skills could be especially productive:

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Comments and suggestions would be appreciated. You can send them to Vitali Sh. Kaufman .