Баланс интересов Крупинки

Manifest of Competent Veterans of Intellectual Labor


  • We are competent active veterans of intellectual labor
  • There are more and more of us
    • life expectancy grows
    • expectancy of active life grows
    • the need for intellectual work is growing
  • Our mutual understanding with society is getting worse
    • individualism, dynamism and the fashion for “effective managers” reduce the planning horizon to dangerous limits
      • the individualist does not see not only others, but himself in the future
      • the need to adapt to rapid change leaves fewer resources for thinking about the future
      • “effective managers” want result here and now
  • Obviously, it is beneficial for us and society as a whole that we continue to feed ourselves and others
    • technically it’s becoming easier, but, paradoxically, socially it’s becoming more complicated
  • Technically, it’s becoming easier for us to lead an active, productive life.
    • interact remotely, at any time and in such a volume that suits all interested parties
  • Socially, it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to remain demanded
    • society actively opposes our usefullness
    • there is a common misconception that we need foremost care and medical care
      • so society needs only goodwill and additional spending
  • Mutual understanding can be greatly facilitated if the material and moral benefits of a balance of generations are understood.
    • The demand for competent active veterans of intellectual labor is beneficial to society not only in moral, but also in the material sense – not only additional expenses would be possible, but investments that pay off well
  • Society stupidly raises retirement age instead of helping veterans to remain comfortably in demand
    • “Effective managers” create terms of hiring that are fundamentally unsuitable for verifying the performance of veterans
    • rather, they check the applicant’s training for a narrow class of tasks specified in the job description, instead of looking for the candidate for the role that is most beneficial to the employer, taking into account the real competencies of the applicant
      • taking into account, in particular, his ability to cope with a wide range of tasks in this role, drawing on rich experience and knowledge
  • The balance of interests of generations is the key to solving problems associated with increasing life expectancy
  • Society as a whole should recognize and expand the employment niche requiring competent active veterans of intellectual labor
    • support in finding and maintaining a niche of demand
      • your teachers, leaders, parents, senior colleagues
        • with trained creative abilities, competencies and constructive mentality – in this niche the fusion of ingenuity with experience and healthy skepticism is especially valuable
  • Veterans of intellectual labor need to unite
    • to formulate clearly your interests and opportunities, convey your thoughts to employers and society as a whole
      • our manifest serves exactly for that
    • for the independent organization of their own demand – entrepreneurial, expert and any other useful activity, taking into account our features
      • our projects serve exactly for that
  • This way we’ll win!


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